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Looking to get a listing in your farm?  Highlight the sold recently listings with this eye-catching design, use the QR code space to link to your own home valuation tool!



- Canva Link for Editable Postcard



1. You Instantly access the Canva link through Download. (Canva uses a login to the free version for the ability to save your drafts.)
2. You add your own logo and contact information.
3. You can customize the wording, font, font size, color, placement, and sizing as much or as little as desired.
4. Add your own images.
5. Save as a PNG and upload to a mailing site or order your own postcards directly from Canva!



Some of the designs may have Canva Pro features - you can always try Pro FREE for 30 days! There's a link in the download form!


Thank you for supporting my shop and a fellow full-time Realtor!

CANVA TEMPLATE "Just Listed/Sold" Realtor Market Update Farming Postcard Active

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